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Best known as Colombian Nail Hardener. In foreign markets since 20 yrs. We start imports to US in 2014, now is the #1 nail hardener use and sale in South Florida & New York. Has been selected the best by far due to unique an amazing results. Recommended by many nail techs for grow, repair and bring out your natural nails The ingredient as Calcium and Hectorite will guarantees the results.


The A+ Cuticle Remover is the easy and best way to remove the cuticle …. Usually at the nail salon they will put a small amount of cuticle remover in a cup of water …. And this process is painful and take long time to remover the cuticle … Our product work in a different, without painful a mode and super easy to remove … due to the safe ingredients of the A+ Cuticle Remover that soft the cuticle area in less than 3 minutes … this process became easy, faster, secure and leave a better results than the regular procedures … this is how you aplly …
1-Wet with water fingers & toes, 2-Apply A+ Cuticle Remover with brush on cuticles, 3-Let activated for 3 minutes, 4-Start to remove the cuticle.



There is no other product in the market that live and protect the Nail Colors as The A+ Acrylic Top Coat, Will dry in seconds, shine your color, protect your color protect from chipping and cracking for more than 15 days. The A+ Acrylic Top Coat. Can be apply over any color brand including gel polish. Shine an protect due to the best quality an safe ingredients will make you smile, proud and feel beautiful.